Based in Italy, this world renowned manufacturer of triple eccentric metal seated valves and soft seated butterfly valves, owned by IMI, has the technological know how and commercial wherewithal to take on all major players in this niche industry. Having developed one of the only true triple eccentric valves available worldwide, as well as a unique replaceable seat mechanism, Orton are constantly at the forefront of this sector of quarter-turn valve supply. Orton’s in-line serviceable cryogenic specification valves are also unique in that full maintenance can be carried out, including seat replacement, without the need for removal to a repair facility.

A full range of concentric lined butterfly valves make up the most basic units in the comprehensive Orton range. The entire Orton range is PED approved, with sizes from 2” through to 60”, ISO / API / ASME dimensions, pressure classes from 150# through to 2500# (with DIN equivalents), and a full spectrum of materials and valve spares, both for body and trim are part of the offering. Various body styles, including double flanged, lug, butt-weld, and wafer are catered for. Presently, Orton remains one of only two manufacturers of triple eccentric valves that have passed the Shell Type Acceptance Test, thus giving them a full Shell 2 star Mesc. Rating.

Website: www.ortonvalve.com