The range of valves is designed for very aggressive line service which requires repeatable tight shut off and long life characteristics.
TITAN valves can be used as tight shut off isolating valves as well as on modulating control applications, ranging from cryogenic to temperatures up to 850⁰ C.
When replacing other valve types, a comparison of CV values can often indicate a selection of smaller valves than is possible with conventional gate and globe valves.

The TITAN valve can be considered for EXTREME or SEVERE service.

  • Temperatures higher than 300% and / or combined with large temperature fluctuations.
  • Erosion – handling abrasive media such as catalyst, coke, fines, slurries and pipe scale at high velocity.
  • High cycle – in excess of 3 times per hour.
  • Emergency shutdown, isolating flow in less than five seconds.

TITAN’s main features are:

  • Ball & Seat Coatings several times harder than the ‘valve industry standard’ Stellite
  • Zero leakage
  • Ball & Seats in constant wiping contact
  • All Metal to Metal construction
  • Seats protected from flow in open and closed position
  • Integral seats
  • Full round port is standard
  • Highest CV of any valve type
  • Uninterrupted flow path for abrasive media
  • Quarter turn operation
  • No wedging or lock-up possible
  • Easily automated

TITAN Modulating Control Valve

Most people try to avoid using Ball Valves to control slurry applications, but with the TITAN ‘D’ PORT Slurry Control Valve design, we can handle the most severe high temperature, high pressure slurry applications with the valve’s life of 3 to 5 years, maintenance free.